The overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans connect to the internet via their mobile devices. As a result, while there are clear differences between an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in other countries, in Zimbabwe it does not exist. Mobile Network Operators such as Econet often connect more people onto the internet than traditional service providers such as ZOL. Conversely, traditional operators like ZOL can now provide you with a number you can use to make calls.





Types of Internet providers

In Zimbabwe we have the following types of internet providers:

  • Internet Access Providers (IAPs)- these large businesses that provide internet to internet service providers. Unless you are a big business you will never get to talk directly to these guys. Three leading ones in Zimbabwe are Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe (LTZ), Dandemutande and TelOne
  • Internet Service Providers- these sell fixed internet services to customers. They come to your home and install equipment that you cannot easily take around. Leadings ones include Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), TelOne and ZOL. There are three main types of fixed internet in Zimbabwe:
    • Fibre-easily fastest but coverage is limited to rich suburbs in major towns and cities
    • LTE-this is like mobile internet but the modem is fixed
    • ADSL-by TelOne where phone lines are used to provide internet
    • Wimax-this is old technology only Utande (a subsidiary of Dandemutande still provides this)
    • VSAT-for remote areas such as schools in rural areas and mines. Expensive and should only be used as a last resort. ZOL and Utande provides this
  • Mobile Internet Providers- these provide you with a mobile connection, for example, MIFI or internet through your phone or a USB dongle. There are three types of these:
    • Mobile Network Operators that allow you to buy discounted bundles such as OneFi and Econet Private WiFi
    • CDMA operators such as Africom and Powertel
    • ISPs that provide MIFI and LTE e.g. ZOL and TelOne

Internet Service Providers


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