ZERA Fuel Prices As Of Today-October 2021

Blend Petrol (E10)122.131.40
  • Officially you can also buy fuel in Zimbabwean Dollars at the above prices.
  • In reality, ZWL fuel is rarer than a hen’s teeth, if you want fuel, you should look for USD
  • These are the latest ZERA prices updated 6 October 2021
  • Again these days most service stations will accept only accept USD.
  • This is despite the fact that each week the RBZ conducts a weekly auction and allocates money for fuel at the official rate. It’s likely the service station involves simply sell the fuel in USD and pocket the profit.


  • Due to a fall in demand service stations are selling petrol at about US$1.24 per litre and diesel for around and US$1.22
  • Motorists can now choose to pay either in USD or Zimbabwean dollars
  • The new dual listing system means DFI is over for all intends and purposes
  • However, rumour has it that oil companies will have to source their own foreign currency at some point

Fuel Black Market

  • Blend (E5) US $1.25
  • Diesel US $1.22
  • Bulk Orders (Above 10 000 litres):
    • Petrol US$1.20
    • Diesel US$1.19

Gas Prices

October 2021
LP Gas Price in USD$1.87
LP Gas Price in ZWL$165.59
  • Zuva Petroleum ZWL$200/kg
  • Zuva Petroleum LP Gas US$1.70
  • Total Gas LP Gas: US$1.41 per KG

Black Market Gas Prices

  • US $1.65/kg
  • $250 ZWL-Ecocash and Swipe
  • $220 Bond-Cash

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