ZERA Fuel Prices As Of Today-January 2022

Blend Petrol (E10)152.871.41
  • Officially you can also buy fuel in Zimbabwean Dollars at the above prices.
  • In reality, ZWL fuel is rarer than a hen’s teeth, if you want fuel, you should look for USD
  • These are the latest ZERA prices updated 6 October 2021
  • Again these days most service stations will accept only accept USD.
  • To counter this problem the RBZ has partnered with fuel companies to sell fuel in ZWL at designated service stations. No word yet on how this project is going


  • Due recent shortages that appeared temporary, fuel at most service stations is selling at the price ceilings set but ZERA instead of below as was often the case.

Fuel Black Market

  • Blend (E5) US $1.45
  • Diesel US $1.42
  • Bulk Orders (Above 10 000 litres):
    • Petrol US$1.35
    • Diesel US$1.32

Gas Prices

December 2021
LP Gas Price in USDUS$2.05
LP Gas Price in ZWL$222.32 ZWL
  • Zuva Petroleum ZWL$200/kg
  • Zuva Petroleum LP Gas US$1.80
  • Total Gas LP Gas: US$1.80 per KG

Black Market Gas Prices

  • US $2.00/kg
  • $400 ZWL-Ecocash and Swipe
  • $320 Bond-Cash

Fuel And Gas News Updates

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