Diesel and Petrol Prices in Zimbabwe on Friday, 14 June 2024

Item Price Per Litre
Blend Petrol (E10) Price in USD US$1.59
Blend Petrol (E10) Price in ZiG 21.19 ZIG
Diesel 50 Price in USD US$1.61
Diesel Price in ZiG 21.41 ZIG

Last updated Thursday 06 June 2024 at 07:28:51 Central Africa Time

  • Officially the government encourages service stations to sell their fuel in both USD and also in local currency i.e. ZiG (formerly ZWL) but most sellers have never listened to the government on this.
  • In reality, fuel sold in ZiG (formerly ZWL) is rarer than a hen’s teeth, if you want fuel, you should look for USD
  • Again these days most service stations will accept only USD.
  • To counter this problem the RBZ once partnered with service stations in the past. Unfortunately, those efforts stalled due to high-level corruption. Service stations simply sold the fuel in USD, bought local currency at the black market and paid back the government.


  • Due to a fall in demand fuel is often sold at prices below the maximum prices set by the government.

Fuel Black Market

  • Blend (E5) US $1.60
  • Diesel US $1.60
  • Bulk Orders (Above 10 000 litres):
    • Petrol US$1.55
    • Diesel US$1.55

LP Gas Prices

Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas Prices on Friday, 14 June 2024

Item Price Per KG
ZERA Maximum Price in USD US$1.78
ZERA Maximum Price in ZiG 1.78 ZIG
LP Gas Black Market Price in USD US$1.70
LP Gas Black Market Price in ZiG 23.89 ZIG

Last updated Sunday 09 June 2024 at 08:17:40 Central Africa Time

  • The above are general prices
  • Black or grey market dealers (i.e. ones that are not service stations) sometimes charge more or less depending on circumstances for example if there is a power cut or fault in your area they will probably charge you more. So the best time to buy gas from these guys is when there is power on a slow day.
  • Service stations like Zuva Petroleum tend to comply with the ZERA prices shown above and often they charge exactly that amount but at times they charge below this. The price of gas is usually affected by location and demand. In areas where there are electrical issues gas is sold at the official price and in areas where demand is low gas is sold at prices below ZERA prices

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