Latest Prices of Fruits and Vegetables At Mbare Musika

Item$ (Bond)$US
Beans cup35.000.50
Beans 5l520.008.00
Tomatoes dish50.000.80
Tomatoes small box70.001.00
Tomatoes medium box110.001.50
Tomatoes Big box (two plastic bags)120.001.50
Tomatoes Crate560.008.00
Green beans 5l140.002.00
Carrots 2035.000.50
Carrots bunch35.000.50
Rape bundle10.000.25
Covo bundle10.000.25
Onion each5.000.10
Oranges pocket2603.00
Sweet potatoes/ Mbambaira 5l65.001.00
Green peppers each5.000.10
Chillies cup35.000.50
Potatoes Pocket 10kg (small tubers)200.003.00
Potatoes Pocket 10kg(medium tubers)330.005.00
Potatoes Pocket 10kg (big tubers)460.007.00
Cabbage Small8.000.15
Cabbage Medium20.000.20
Cabbage Big30.000.50

Last updated 13 July 2020

  • Tomato prices are now rising as supply has fallen due to winter weather
  • Tomato sizes are also now smaller,while small tomatoes are still cheap, big tomatoes are now expensive. A dish of small tomatoes costs about half the price of a dish of big tomatoes
  • The prices of cauliflower and broccoli have fallen to around US$1/kg from US$2
  • King onion supplies have improved resulting in a fall in prices
  • We couldn’t find any cucumbers- this is probably a weather induced shortage