We are a group of people with an extensive background in business. Like everybody else, we are constantly frustrated by the ever-changing prices in shops. This is us doing something about it.


These days prices are constantly changing and most of the time it’s not for the better. Some businesses also no longer display their prices at all-often times this means discriminatory pricing practices. The question of how much something costs is no longer the simple question that it was. This site was created to help you answer that and hopefully help you make the best deal whatever it is you want to buy.


Plodding from shop to shop to make price comparisons is hard. That’s if you even have the time between the bread, fuel and bank queues. We give you our word that we will endeavour to give you the latest prices shops are charging for various items, that we will update these prices regulary and when they come down we will make sure you are the first to know it.

  • Regulary updated prices inline with inflation

  • Prices for most popular items

  • Prices from most popular shops and supermarkets

  • Fuel prices from most popular service stations

  • Indication whether prices have come down or are gone up



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