Occasionally the government charges certain fees when one applies for a passport, birth certificate or National ID depending on circumstances. Below we have created a list of the current charges.

Passport Fees

  • Diaspora/External Passport US$318, this applies to a passport application made from outside Zimbabwe at various embassies
  • Ordinary Passport $150 ZWL (You get it when you get it, you might have to wait for years before this comes out)
  • 3 Days Emergency Passport $650 ZWL (you need permission to apply for this one, usually this means applying for an ordinary passport and booking an appointment where you will submit a letter showing why you need it), then months later you will get called and submit your application.

Birth Certificate Fees

  • First-time application e.g. a baby $0 ZWL, the birth certificate comes out on the same day
  • Corrections and alterations 5 days birth certificate $5 ZWL
  • Corrections and alterations/replacement 24 hours $10 ZWL

National ID

  • First time application (16-18 years) $0 ZWL
  • First-time application 18+ years $2 ZWL

Change of surname or information after marriage etc

  • As per marriage certificate
    • With I .D   Free
    • Without I .D   $10.00 ZWL
  • As per divorce order
    • With I.D    $25.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D   $35.00 ZWL
  • As per Notarial Deed
    • With I.D     $100.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D $110.00 ZWL
  • As per citizenship certificate
    • With ID  $40.00 ZWL
    • Without ID    $50.00 ZWL

Citizen by registration

  • Normal citizenship by registration
    • With I.D  $40.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D  $50.00 ZWL
  • As per affidavit (This applies to women without a marriage certificate and are customarily married)
    • With I.D  $25.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D  $35.00 ZWL

Correction of information on ID

  • With green copy ID  $10.00 ZWL
  • Lost green copy ID   $12.00 ZWL
  • With metal/polythene synthetic ID $25.00 ZWL
  • With lost metal/polythene synthetic ID $35.00 ZWL

Replacement of ID

  • Green copy ID $2.00 ZWL
  • Polythene synthetic ID $10.00 ZWL