Occasionally the government charges certain fees when one applies for a passport, birth certificate or National ID depending on circumstances. Below we have created a list of the current charges.

Passport Fees

  • Diaspora/External Passport US$318, this applies to a passport application made from outside Zimbabwe at various embassies
  • Ordinary Passport the equivalent of US$60 (You get it when you get it, you might have to wait for years before this comes out)
  • 3 Days Emergency Passport the equivalent of US$200.
  • 24 Hours Emergency Passport US$318-you can apply for this in Zimbabwe too.

NB According to SI 201 of 2021 you have the option to pay in ZWL equivalent at the official rate if you are paying/applying from Zimbabwe.

Birth Certificate Fees

  • First-time application e.g. a baby $0 ZWL, the birth certificate comes out on the same day
  • Corrections and alterations 5 days birth certificate $5 ZWL
  • Corrections and alterations/replacement 24 hours $10 ZWL

National ID

  • First time application (16-18 years) $0 ZWL
  • First-time application 18+ years $2 ZWL

Change of surname or information after marriage etc

  • As per marriage certificate
    • With I .D   Free
    • Without I .D   $10.00 ZWL
  • As per divorce order
    • With I.D    $25.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D   $35.00 ZWL
  • As per Notarial Deed
    • With I.D     $100.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D $110.00 ZWL
  • As per citizenship certificate
    • With ID  $40.00 ZWL
    • Without ID    $50.00 ZWL

Citizen by registration

  • Normal citizenship by registration
    • With I.D  $40.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D  $50.00 ZWL
  • As per affidavit (This applies to women without a marriage certificate and are customarily married)
    • With I.D  $25.00 ZWL
    • Without I.D  $35.00 ZWL

Correction of information on ID

  • With green copy ID  $10.00 ZWL
  • Lost green copy ID   $12.00 ZWL
  • With metal/polythene synthetic ID $25.00 ZWL
  • With lost metal/polythene synthetic ID $35.00 ZWL

Replacement of ID

  • Green copy ID $2.00 ZWL
  • Polythene synthetic ID $10.00 ZWL

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