TelOne (formerly PTC) is the country’s oldest telecoms company. It provides fixed landlines via copper and fibre. They are the only ones that offer ADSL internet although they only offer ADSL2+ with speeds maxing around 4 Mbps depending on distance from the exchange. They also now offer Fixed LTE.

Telone ADSL and Home Fibre

Package NameData AllocationUS$ZWL$
Home Basic10GB10.00722.00
Home Basic Night20GB13.00938.00
Home Extra15GB11.00794.00
Home Plus30GB17.001 227.00
Home Plus Night60GB22.001 587.00
Home Premier60GB29.002 092.00
Home Premier Night120GB37.002 670.00
Home Boost200GB42.003 030.00
Infinity Pro500GB61.004 401.00
IntenseUncapped83.005 988.00
  • ADSL has lower upload speeds compared to download speeds i.e. it’s Asymmetric. That shouldn’t be a big deal to the majority of users.
  • In fact, TelOne has better upload speeds compared to ZOL’s Wibroniks

TelOne Fibre (Business)

PackageDownload SpeedDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Infinity Supreme20 MbpsUncapped104.007 504.00
Intense Extra50 MbpsUncapped139.0010 029.00

TelOne has Fiber in the following areas:

  • Madokero Estates
  • Avenues and CBD area
  • Ruwa

Blaze LTE Packages

PackageDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Blaze Lite8GB9.00649.00
Blaze Xtra15GB14.001 010.00
Blaze Boost20GB18.001 299.00
Blaze Ultra40GB29.002 092.00
Blaze Trailblazer100GB44.003 175.00
Blaze SupernovaUncapped87.006 277.00
  • TelOne’s LTE is currently at capacity, they are not selling any new lines
  • The service is also fixed unlike ZOL’s Wibroniks although there is a rumour Wibroniks will also be fixed
  • The service has better upload speeds compared to ZOL Wibroniks

Public Wifi

  • You can only use these bundles at TelOne hotspots found in Harare and some towns and cities
  • If you have a TelOne ADSL/Fibre package you can use your internet credentials to connect to TelOne WiFi
  • If your home package is capped, data from your home package will be consumed in the process