TelOne (formerly PTC) is the country’s oldest telecoms company. It provides fixed landlines via copper and fibre. They are the only ones that offer ADSL internet although they only offer ADSL2+ with speeds maxing around 4 Mbps depending on distance from the exchange. They also now offer Fixed LTE.

TelOne as actually increased USD prices in September and that moves them closer to ZOL prices on all their services including Fibre.

Telone ADSL and Home Fibre

Package NameData AllocationUS$ZWL$
Home Basic10GB12.001 082.00
Home Basic Night20GB16.001 407.00
Home Extra15GB14.001 190.00
Home Plus30GB22.001 840.00
Home Plus Night60GB28.002 381.00
Home Premier60GB37.003 139.00
Home Premier Night120GB48.004 004.00
Home Boost200GB54.004 545.00
Infinity Pro500GB79.006 602.00
IntenseUncapped107.008 983.00
  • ADSL has lower upload speeds compared to download speeds i.e. it’s Asymmetric. That shouldn’t be a big deal to the majority of users.
  • In fact, TelOne has better upload speeds compared to ZOL’s Wibroniks
  • Above packages and prices are also used for home fibre packages. Fibre tends to have higher and more consistent speeds compared to ADSL plus it is offered by TelOne as a symmetric service i.e. upload and download speeds are the same.

TelOne Fibre (Business)

PackageDownload SpeedDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Infinity Supreme20 MbpsUncapped134.0011 255.00
Intense Extra50 MbpsUncapped139.0015 043.00

TelOne has Fiber in the following areas:

  • Madokero Estates
  • Avenues and CBD area
  • Ruwa

Blaze LTE Packages

PackageDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Blaze Lite8GB11.00974.00
Blaze Xtra15GB18.001 515.00
Blaze Boost20GB23.001 948.00
Blaze Ultra40GB37.003 129.00
Blaze Trailblazer100GB57.004 762.00
Blaze SupernovaUncapped112.009 416.00
  • TelOne’s LTE is currently at capacity, they are not selling any new lines. They have promised new lines will be sold starting this month.
  • The service is also fixed unlike ZOL’s Wibroniks although there is a rumour Wibroniks will also be fixed
  • The service has better upload speeds compared to ZOL Wibroniks


TelOne Home VSAT
Package NameData AllocationNight Data AllowanceDownload SpeedPrice in USDPrice in ZWL$
Konnect Home 2525GB150GB10Mbps$1109 924
Konnect Home 5050GB300GB20 Mbps$12510 560
Konnect Home 100100GB300GB25 Mbps$16614 025
Konnect Home UnlimitedUnlimited (FUP)N/A25 Mbps$56047 312

TelOne Business VSAT

PackageDataNight DataDownload SpeedPrice in USDPrice in ZWL
Konnect Business 5050GB300GB20 Mbps$20016 898
Konnect Business 100100GB300GB25 Mbps$25021 122
Konect Business Unlimited500GB300GB2 Mbps$35029 571
Konnect Business SME UnlimitedUnlimited (FUP)N/A5 Mbps$55046 468
Konnect Business Unlimited FastUnlimited (FUP)N/A25 Mbps$90076 039
  • VSAT customers can choose between two choices of equipment when they sign up for their internet:
    • A 78cm Dish Antenna which costs US$500 or
    • A 120cm Dish Antenna which costs US$1 280
    • Satellite bandwidth is provided by Eutelsat
  • Night data comes free with each corresponding package. It comes into effect between the hours of 10:00 and 06:00 hours each day
  • Night data is unlimited if a customer exhausts their allocated night data their speeds are reduced so for example for the Business Konnect 100 package speeds are reduced from 25 Mbps down to 3 Mbps until the next billing period when speeds are restored.
  • All TelOne VSAT packages have an upload speed of 3 Mbps except Konnect Business Unlimited which has an upload speed of 1 Mbps.
  • Capped business and home packages come with 1 SIP provision and uncapped business packages come with multiple free SIP line provision.
  • SIP lines allow businesses to make calls using landline phones via the internet

Public Wifi

  • You can only use these bundles at TelOne hotspots found in Harare and some towns and cities
  • If you have a TelOne ADSL/Fibre package you can use your internet credentials to connect to TelOne WiFi
  • If your home package is capped, data from your home package will be consumed in the process

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