ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml59.9959.9536.2
Bath soap Geisha 225g21.99nanana
Bath soap Jade 250gnananana
Bath Soap Sona10.9914.9914.4914.5
Beans Dried 500g42.136.9936.49na
Bleach/Jik 750mlnananana
Bread Bakers Inn26.9926.9926.9530.25
Bread Lobels26.9926.9926.9530.25
Bread Proton26.9926.9926.9530.25
Bread Shop23.9926.99na24.8
Candles 6pack 300g39.23nana52.45
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g54.9956.9994.594.6
Cooking Oil 2lnanana149.99
Creamer 1kgna109.99na240.45
Diapers 50na279.99na286.4
Dish Washer 750ml62.39na39.9957.95
Drink Bally House74.4974.99na81.55
Drink Cheapest70.9949.9969.547.2
Drink Mazoe Original 2lnananana
Drink Mazoe less sugarna109.99na104
Eggs 30na156.99na156.2
Eggs 630.9961.99nana
Flour 2kg73.99nana
Green bar41.9939.9932.4942.95
Jam 375ml39.9926.99na40.48
Kapenta 1KGnananana
Kapenta 500gnanana156.2
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml69.19109.9945.697.2
Macaroni 3kg156.89nanana
Margarine 500gna33.9934.99na
Matches pack of 10 boxes14.99nana10.8
Mayonnaise 750g69.9962.9912894.6
Mealie-meal 10kgnanana
Mealie-meal Refined 10kgnana253.1
Milk 1lnana35.9939.49
Peanut butter 375ml60.9966.9972.05
Petroleum Jelly 300ml58.4949.9944.9547.15
Rice white/Long grain93.6983.9976.571.5
Salt 1kgna8.99na13.9
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s32.99nana34.3
Scouring powder 500g52.5928.99na9.75
Shoe polish 100ml31.99nanana
Shoe polish 50mlnananana
Soup Usavi Mix 50g8.195.998.999.4
Stasoft Refill (500ml)52.77nana103.65
Sugar 2kgnananana
Surface Cleaner 500ml86.7954.99na51.55
Tea 100 tea bags27.9928.9939.9941.5
Thai Rice 2kgnana79.75
Tinned beans 410gna25.9929.9935.55
Tinned fish 155gna24.99a18.2
Tissues (Pack of 4)33.3936.9938.536.1
Toilet Cleaner 500ml86.7954.99na84.05
Toothpaste 100ml31.99na22.9957.3
Washing Powder 1kg79.5956.997379.1
Washing Powder 2kg140.19124.99na150.35
  • Most shops were empty as there was a shopping spree upon reports of the first coronavirus death
  • Even matches were missing in some supermarkets
  • We couldn’t even find flour and dried beans in some shops
  • Choppies and some OK branches were virtually cleaned out without even sanitary pads
  • FoodWorld responded to the crisis by hiking their prices

Prices last updated 26 March 2020

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