Latest Grocery Prices on Friday, 03 February 2023

Product Prices in Tuckshops USD Price in Supermarkets
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml$1.80US$1 881.00
Bath soap Geisha 225g$0.80US$836.00
Bath soap Jade 250g$0.80US$836.00
Bath Soap Sona$0.60US$627.00
Beans Dried 500g$0.80US$836.00
Bleach/Jik 750ml$1.80US$1 881.00
Bread Bakers Inn$1.00US$1 045.00
Bread Lobels$1.00US$1 045.00
Bread Proton$1.00US$1 045.00
Candles 6pack 450g$3.00US$3 135.00
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g$2.80US$2 926.00
Cooking Oil 2l$4.00US$4 180.00
Creamer 1kg$3.00US$3 135.00
Diapers 50$5.80US$6 061.00
Dish Washer 750ml$1.80US$1 881.00
Drink Bally House$2.00US$2 090.00
Drink Cheapest$1.00US$1 045.00
Drink Mazoe Original 2l$25.00US$26 125.00
Eggs 30$3.60US$3 762.00
Eggs 6$1.00US$1 045.00
Flour 2kg$1.80US$1 881.00
Green bar$1.50US$1 567.50
Jam 375ml$1.00US$1 045.00
Kapenta 1KG$5.00US$5 225.00
Kapenta 500g$3.00US$3 135.00
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml$2.00US$2 090.00
Macaroni 3kg$3.00US$3 135.00
Margarine 500g$1.20US$1 254.00
Matches pack of 10 boxes$0.50US$522.50
Mayonnaise 750g$2.50US$2 612.50
Mealie-meal 10kg$5.50US$5 747.50
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg$6.00US$6 270.00
Milk 1l$1.20US$1 254.00
Peanut butter 375ml$1.20US$1 254.00
Petroleum Jelly 300ml$1.00US$1 045.00
Rice white/Long grain$1.70US$1 776.50
Salt 1kg$0.50US$522.50
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s$1.00US$1 045.00
Scouring powder 500g$0.30US$313.50
Shoe polish 100ml$1.00US$1 045.00
Shoe polish 50ml$0.50US$522.50
Soup Usavi Mix 50g$0.50US$522.50
Stasoft Refill (500ml)$3.00US$3 135.00
Sugar 2kg$2.00US$2 090.00
Surface Cleaner 750ml$1.80US$1 881.00
Tea 100 tea bags$2.00US$2 090.00
Thai Rice 2kg$2.20US$2 299.00
Tinned beans 410g$0.90US$940.50
Tinned fish 155g$1.00US$1 045.00
Tissues (Pack of 4)$1.00US$1 045.00
Toilet Cleaner 500ml$1.80US$1 881.00
Toothpaste 100ml$1.00US$1 045.00
Washing Powder 1kg$2.30US$2 403.50
Washing Powder 2kg$4.20US$4 389.00
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Last Updated on Friday 03 February 2023 at 16:56:11 Central Africa Time


  • USD equivalent prices are automatically updated by our system based on the prevailing market rates.
  • This is done for informational purposes only.
  • A price of $0 does not mean the item is free. Rather it just means we couldn’t find the item we were looking for during the survey.
  • The ZWL price shown for supermarkets is the median price established during the survey. Supermarket prices, based on our experience, tend to be within 5% of one another. Other cheaper brands are frankly rubbish.

Something to note

Despite repeated denials by both government and businesses, there is still an undeniable link between prices and black market exchange rates.

A word about inflation

Zimbabwe’s prices have been going up since 2018. This coincided with the introduction and rise of both the bond notes and the RTGS dollar which were essentially the Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL). The government finally admitted this in February 2019 and passed laws marking its return in June of 2019. Over the years various “official rates” have been used. We had an interbank rate, then a fixed rate, then an auction rate and now the willing buyer willing seller rate is the official rate. All rates, past and current can be viewed by visiting this page.

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