Again as already said on the mobile data and voice tariffs update homepage, Zimbabwean operators typically offer data bundles that cover specific popular services such as WhatsApp in addition to traditional data bundles found elsewhere.

Social Media Bundles

Econet’s social media data bundles, bouquets as Econet now calls them, can be put into three depending on the validity period of the data. After the validity period lapses, all unused data disappears. There are daily, weekly and monthly social media bouquets.

Daily social bundles prices

BundleCovered ServicesCost (ZWL)Validity
4MBWhatsApp and Pinterest$124 hours
12MBWhatsApp and Pinterest$3.5024 hours
20MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai$5.524 hours
20MBFacebook, Snapchat and Sasai$5.524 hours
20MBInstagram and Sasai$4.0024 hours
20MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai$4.0024 hours
45MBInstagram and Sasai$9.0024 hours
45MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai$9.0024 hours
45MBWhatsApp$12.0024 hours
45MBFacebook,SnapChat and Sasai$12.0024 hours

Weekly Social Media bundle prices

BundleCovered ServicesCost (ZWL)Validity Period
65MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai$17.007 days
140MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai$35.007 days
140MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai$35.007 days
140MBInstagram and Sasai$25.007 days
140MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai$25.007 days

Monthly Social Media Bundles

BundleCovered ServicesCost (ZWL)Validity
240MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai$58.001 Month
400MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai$95.001 Month
400MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai$95.001 Month
400MBInstagram and Sasai$65.001 Month
400MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai$65.001 Month

General Data Bundle Prices

Daily data bundle prices

Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB)
$5.5 20MB
$11 40MB
$22 80MB
$39 150MB
$64 250MB
$100 600MB
$150 1200MB
New daily bundle prices starting 17 June 2020

Weekly Data Bundle Prices

Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB)
$5.5 20MB
$16 60MB
$42 160MB
$65 250MB
$80 370MB

New weekly bundles starting 17 June 2020

Monthly Data Bundle Prices

Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB)
$28 100MB
$75 270MB
$135 500MB
$180 700MB
$355 1400MB

Monthly data bundles starting 17 June 2020

Private WiFi Data Bundles

Bundle Price ZWL USD Equivalent
8GB $500 $7
15GB $800 $11
25GB $1 300 $17
50GB $2 000 $27
Prices of private wifi bundles as of 17 June 2020

  • The USD calculations are just approximations made by using a rate of 1USD as to 75 ZWL which as the prevailing low black market rate on the day when the price hikes were announced.