Out of bundle voice and SMS tariffs

ServiceZWL$USD $
Voice Call0.1070/second$0.0013/second
Voice Call$6.4175/minute$0.0770/minute
International SMS$11.6603/SMS$0.14/SMS

Bundles Of Joy

PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 2 Minutes6.007.00
Daily 4 Minutes12.0015.00
Daily 10 Minutes30.0037.00
Weekly 30 Minutes102.00126.00
Weekly 45 Minutes150.00185.00
  • These are voice bundles
  • They are similar to NetOne’s Khuluma Bundles in terms of how they work
  • They only work when making Econet to Econet calls
  • When the validity period passes the bundles expire and any unused minutes are lost

SMS Bundles

PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 5 SMS1.251.90
Daily 10 SMS2.503.80
Daily 25 SMS6.259.50
Daily 35 SMS8.7513.30
Weekly 75 SMS12.0020.70
Weekly 125 SMS20.0034.50
Weekly 200 SMS32.0055.20
Weekly 300 SMS48.0082.80

Introduction to Econet data bundles

Zimbabwean operators typically offer data bundles that cover specific popular services such as WhatsApp in addition to traditional data bundles found elsewhere.

Social Media Bundles

Econet’s social media data bundles, bouquets as Econet now calls them, can be put into three depending on the validity period of the data. After the validity period lapses, all unused data disappears. There are daily, weekly and monthly social media bouquets.

Daily social bundles prices

DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
4MBWhatsApp and Pinterest3.004.00
12MBWhatsApp and Pinterest8.0010.00
20MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai13.0017.00
20MBFacebook, Snapchat and Sasai13.0017.00
20MBInstagram and Sasai10.0012.00
20MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai10.0012.00
45MBInstagram and Sasai22.0036.00
45MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai22.0036.00
45MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai29.0027.00
45MBFacebook,SnapChat and Sasai29.0027.00

Weekly Social Media bundle prices

DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
65MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai41.0051.00
140MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai84.00105.00
140MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai84.00105.00
140MBInstagram and Sasai60.0075.00
140MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai60.0075.00

Monthly Social Media Bundles

DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
240MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai139.00174.00
400MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai228.00285.00
400MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai228.00285.00
400MBInstagram and Sasai156.00195.00
400MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai156.00195.00

General Data Bundle Prices

Daily data bundle prices

Daily data bundles

Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB13.0017.00
40 MB26.0032.00
80 MB51.0064.00
150 MB93.00116.00
250 MB152.00190.00
600 MB240.00300.00
1200 MB360.00450.00

Weekly Data Bundle Prices

Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB13.0017.00
60 MB38.0048.00
160 MB101.00126.00
250 MB156.00195.00
370 MB192.00240.00

Monthly Data Bundle Prices

Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
100 MB67.0084.00
270 MB180.00225.00
500 MB320.00400.00
700 MB424.00530.00
1 400 MB800.001000.00

Private WiFi Data Bundles

DataOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
15GB1 520.00$2000.00
25GB2 400.00$2800.00
50GB3 520.00$4000.00
  • Private WiFi bundles are tailor-made for those who want to hotspot their phones or using an LTE router or MiFi device
  • They work just like any other bundles

Hourly Bundles

BundleZWL $Validity
1 GB$481 hour
1 GB$802 hours
1.5 GB$1042 hours
  • These bundles can only be bought during the weekend. It seems they are aimed at churches
  • The expiration period is shockingly tight if that is the case. We know Pentecostal churches that last for the whole day!