Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) fall under the purview of the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). To prevent abuse and exploitation of customers the prices/tariffs that MNOs charge are reviewed and approved by POTRAZ. The net effect of this arrangement has been that for the most part operators charge the same price for a lot of services.

Now operators are allowed to base their tariffs in USD (currently this is $0.06) and use the weekly official rate to calculate the ZWL equivalent. None of the operators currently adjusts their prices on a weekly basis, instead, mobile network operators tend to review their tariffs on a monthly basis in line with inflation rather than in line with the movement of the rate.

Also, operators often charge promotional prices or have different packages or services. For example, NetOne has OneFusion but there is no equivalent at Econet. To find out the various bundles/packages offered by each network operator just click on your desired operator below.

All three operators charge about $6.30 ZWL per minute.

Type of ServiceEconetNetOneTelecel
Same network calls$6.42 per minute$6.33 per minute$6.32 per minute
Calls to other networks$6.42 per minute$6.33 per minute$6.32 per minute
SMS to the same network$1.65 per SMS$1.63 per SMS$1.63 per SMS
SMS to other networks$1.65 per SMS$1.63 per SMS$1.63 per SMS


  • We have purposely decided not to show out of bundle browsing data prices/tariffs per megabyte because they are invariably higher than using data bundles.
  • You should always turn off out of bundle browsing
  • To do so:
    • On Econet dial *143# then select Account services and then turn off out of bundle browsing
    • For NetOne *130# and then option 2, block out of bundle browsing

Data Prices