Due to recent changes allowing dual pricing, NetOne tariffs are now in USD, ZWL equivalents will be calculated using the prevailing official rate “from time time.”

NetOne Call tariffs

Service (including tax)ZWL$/MinuteUS$/Minute
NetOne to NetOne6.330.08
NetOne to Other (local)6.110.07
Regional Calls Fixed17.250.21
Regional Calls Mobile23.550.28
Netone to UK Mobile23.550.28
Group 1 Fixed29.850.36
Group 1 Mobile36.150.43
Group 2 Fixed42.450.51
Group 2 Mobile48.750.58
Group 3 Fixed55.050.66
Group 3 Mobile61.350.74

Other tariffs

Voicemail Retrieval6.330.08
SMS: Local1.630.02
SMS: International14.230.17
Data per MB1.250.01

One-Fi Bundles

NamePrice in ZWLWhat you getValidity
One-Fi$4 50010GB1 month
One-Fi Plus$6 50025GB1 month
One-Fi Ultra$10 25050GB1 month
One-Fi Extreme$12 50080GB1 month
One-Fi bundles are popular they work on your phone just like normal bundles

Data bundles

NamePriceWhat you getvalidity
Hourly$1751GB1 hour
Hourly$3151GB2 hours
Daily$4730MB24 hours
Daily$12580MB24 hours
Daily$275200MB24 hours
Daily$495480MB24 hours
Weekly$4730MB7 days
Weekly$9460MB7 days
Weekly$245160MB7 days
Weekly$500350MB7 days
Weekly$900700MB7 days
Weekly$3 5005000MB7 days
Monthly$315200MB30 days
Monthly$710450MB30 days
Monthly$1 9801500MB30 days
Monthly$3 3003500MB30 days
Monthly$4 4005000MB30 days
Monthly$5 5008000MB30 days
Normal traditional data bundles that work with the entire internet

Social Media Data: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Daily$2520MB24 hours
Daily$6850MB24 hours
Weekly$9070MB7 days
Weekly$180150MB7 days
Monthly$330300MB30 days
Monthly$750750MB30 days

Social media bundles are priced the same for all media services. Subscribers can choose their preferred service and buy a bundle for that. Covered services include: WhatsApp (most popular), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

One-Fusion Bundle Prices

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
OneFusion Lite$550– 15 Mins OnNet
– 5 Minutes OffNet
– 180MB Data
– 90MB WhatsApp
– 5 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Gold$825– 25 Mins Voice OnNet
– 10 Mins OffNet
– 400MB Data
– 160MB WhatsApp
– 25 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Premium$1 650– 80 Mins Voice OnNet
– 60 Mins OffNet
– 5 Mins International Calls
– 1GB Data
– 360MB WhatsApp
– 30 SMS

This offers a mix of data, social media bundles, SMS and call minutes. Minutes are divided between On-net calls i.e calls to other NetOne numbers and off-net i.e. calls to other networks for example Econet, ZOL, Telecel etc

Dollar A Day Bundles

Name (Validity Period)PriceWhat you get
1 Day$12020 OnNet Voice Mins
10 SMS
2 Days$20040 OnNet Voice Mins
20 SMS
3 Days$480100 OnNet Voice Mins
70 SMS

Khuluma 24/7 Voice Bundles

PriceWhat you get
$246 minutes
$4212 minutes
$7525 minutes

NetOne SMS Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Day$3.848 SMS24 hours
Day$12.0525 SMS24 hours
Day$2450 SMS24 hours
Week$3690 SMS7 days
Week$80200 SMS7 days
Week$200500 SMS7 days

Night Data Bundle

NetOne’s night bundle now costs $350 for which you get 1GB valid from 10PM to 5AM the next day.

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