Due to Statutory Instrument 185 of 2020, tariffs for Telecel have been adjusted to allow dual pricing. Telecel has chosen to make their prices USD based and are now going to be implementing regular adjustments in line with the official exchange rate.

Type of ServicePeakOff-PeakUSD
Telecel to Telecel$6.33/min$6.33/min0.08/sec
All Local Networks$6.11/min$6.11/min0.08/sec
SMS local$1.63/sms$1.63/sms 
SMS International

Telecel Cross Network Bundles

$408 minutes24 Hours
$8018 Minutes48 Hours
$15035 Minutes3 Days
$30080 Minutes5 Days
  • These are voice bundles that can be used to make calls to other numbers e.g. you can use them to make calls to NetOne and Econet
  • This is cheaper than making calls using airtime for example
    • If you buy the $35 bundle it will cost you $4.375 per minute to make a call as opposed to the normal over $6.11/per minute tariff
    • With the $270 bundle, the price falls to just $3.375 ZWL/minute
  • The downside is that the bundles come with an expiration date after which they expire

Telecel SMS bundles

PriceNumber of SMS You GetValidity
$4.80101 Day
$10.50221 Day
$14.50301 Day
$36.00901 Week
$68.001701 Week
$120.003001 Week

Megaboost Bundles

$1501556060MB40MB30MB30 days
$3003010100100MB100MB100MB30 Days
$5906020200200MB200MB200MB30 Days
$115015040350400MB400MB400MB30 Days
  • These are similar to NetOne’s popular fusion bundles
  • They are hybrid bundles that come with both data, social media data as well as voice bundles

On data bundles

Zimbabwean operators typically offer data bundles that cover specific popular services such as WhatsApp in addition to traditional data bundles that allow you to connect to the entire internet. Telecel is no exception.

A note about 4G

While Telecel markets itself as a 4G network reality says otherwise. While we are not privy to how many 4G base stations they actually have the reality is that 99% of the time you will be connecting via 3G (HSPDA in some instances but still 3G). Expect typical speeds of around 2 Mbps as compared to NetOne and Telecel’s speeds which are around 50 Mbps. Depending on your use case that might not be a bad thing as it will mean your data will last longer. But it means you cannot easily use other services such as streaming and video chat which might stutter and fail.

Telecel Funda e-Learning Bundles

These bundles are meant for school/college students and are sold in batches usually through the institution. They are a novel feature of the coronavirus. They work like normal bundles and are often sold to people who are not students on the black market.

Bundle$ZWLData AllocationValidity PeriodFree Group Talk Minutes
Funda Lite$90.005GB30 days100
Funda Standard$170.0010GB30 days250
Funda Heavy$33020GB30 days500
Funda Heavy+$65040GB30 days1000

Telecel Social Media Bundles

All social media bundles are priced the same. You just select a bundle your choice by dialling *470#

Telecel WhatsApp Bundles

Price ZWL$DataValidity

Telecel Facebook Bundles

Price ($)DataValidity

Telecel Instagram Data Bundles

Price ($)DataValidity

Telecel Data Bundles

ValidityPrice (ZWL $)Data

Telecel Night Data Bundle

PriceData AllocationValidity (nights)
  • These bundles are just normal data bundles except you can only use them between 11 PM and 5 AM

Telecel Home WiFi Data Bundles

Price (ZWL)DataValidity
$2 80010GBMonthly
$3 50020GBMonthly
$5 00050GBMonthly
$7 00075GBMonthly
  • These bundles are like Econet’s Private WiFi and NetOne’s OneFi bundles
  • These bundles can now be used on any smartphone or router, you no longer need to register with Telecel.

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