Zimbabwe’s urban water woes are a well-known problem. There is always a reason why you do not have running water in your taps. Sometimes is a burst pipe, other times it is due to chemical shortages, drought has also been given as a reason or in the case of areas like Chitungwiza, no real reason is given. Some people only have running water on given days. Others suburbs have had no water coming through their pipes for years or even a decade. One way to solve these issues is to simply buy a plastic tank.

A plastic tank can mitigate your water queues even if you don’t have a borehole. All you have to do is get a giant plastic tank into your backyard, put it on a stand and fill it up when the City Council deigns you worth of getting tap water especially if you live in one of the lucky suburbs that regularly gets water or have water on certain days. Depending on your needs a 5 000 litre tank can carry you through a whole month, week or until the next water day. If you are unlucky and live in an area which never gets water there is a solution for that too. Several water carriers that do this sort of thing can also get your tank filled. Most charge a reasonable price of around $30 per 20 000 litres. That is very comparable to what the City Council would charge you without actually guaranteeing that you will get the water.

Lamasat tank prices

When it comes to tanks Lamasat are known for its affordable tanks. Here are their current prices:

  • 500 Litres: US$90.00
  • 1,000 Litres: US$120.00
  • 2,000 Litres: US$2.00
  • 2,500 Litres: US$220.00
  • 5,000 Litres: US$350.00
  • 7,500 Litres: US$650.00
  • 10,000 Litres: US$86.00

You can also use them in Agriculture

Zimbabwe has also had several erratic rain seasons. A good way to solve this issue is through an irrigation setup. A small tank and drip irrigation can actually achieve much with little water. So if you are a farmer the Lamasat tanks are also a good investment. Lamasat also sells other irrigation equipment besides tanks. You can get in touch with them to learn more.

Their Address And Details

72 Simon Mazorodze Road, Southerton, Harare
☎️ 0772 66 77 66 / 0733 569 457


Instead of RTGS prices, like all hardware sellers, Lamasat now uses USD prices as the base. They are bound to change less eve if the local dollar continues to take a dive.