Econet still remains the most popular mobile network service provider in Zimbabwe by a mile. Both Telecel and NetOne combined own less than half of the mobile network market share. The primary means of accessing Econet services is still via USSD. The company once made an App which they released to the PlayStore but it has not been updated or maintained in a while.

There are quite a number of these USSD codes sometimes it’s hard to know which does what. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you and collected all the useful USSD codes you will need for Econet.

The USSD CodeWhat it the code does/can be used for
*111#This one is for general Econet Support ( for example Overscratched Cards, PUK, Airtime Transfer)
*121# OR *125#You can use this to check your main airtime balance or credit balance
*121*recharge pin#You can use this to recharge using an airtime card, slips you buy from vendors or codes you get from electronic airtime vendors
*140#Allows you to buy bundles and tweak Yomix settings (SMS, Bundles Of Joy (Calling), Call Me Back, International Roaming)
*143#Allows you to buy various data bundles including WhatsApp data bundles, Facebook data bundles as well as private WiFi data bundles
*151#Launches the primary Ecocash menu. You probably don’t need notes for this one. One thing to note is that you can also use this with long codes to access various sub-services including sending money.
*179#Emergency Credit
*555*Number#You can use this to send call me back messages
*155#This used to be an Econet Mail service code but it’s now-defunct
*43#Activate/ Deactivate Call Waiting

You should know that this list is not exhaustive. We just pooled together the codes that we think you would find most useful.