Netflix offers a treasure trove of entertainment, but accessing it in Zimbabwe comes with unique challenges. While pirated content is readily available – often at temptingly low prices like US$1 for 10 episodes – Netflix provides unmatched quality, variety, and the latest shows. This guide will walk you through setting up Netflix in Zimbabwe, from choosing the right internet package to paying with Ecocash.

To enjoy Netflix seamlessly, you need a stable internet connection. While internet services are still relatively expensive, options like TelOne’s US$60 package with 500GB at 5 Mbps suffice for 720p streaming. Liquid Home shines with a 20Mbps package suitable for 1080p streaming, though it might struggle with HDR. The Infinity US$99 package is more appropriate for a smooth experience.

Internet Packages Suitable for Netflix

Here’s a comparison of internet packages from TelOne and Liquid Home that can handle Netflix streaming:

Package NameProviderUSD PriceData AllocationMaximum SpeedNetflix Resolution Supported
Infinity US$60Liquid Home$60500GB5 Mbps720p
Infinity US$90Liquid Home$90Unlimited (FUP)5 Mbps1080p
Infinity US$140Liquid Home$140Unlimited (FUP)20 Mbps1080p, HDR
Infinity US$99Liquid Home$99Unlimited (FUP)20 Mbps1080p
Home PlusTelOne$50300GB5 Mbps720p
Infinity BasicTelOne$60500GB5 Mbps1080p
Infinity PlusTelOne$90Unlimited (FUP)5 Mbps1080p
Infinity UltraTelOne$140Unlimited (FUP)20 Mbps1080p, HDR
Infinity MaxTelOne$200Unlimited (FUP)50 Mbps4K, HDR

Cheapest packages to stream from TelOne and Liquid Home

Streaming Netflix requires a reliable internet connection. Here are the current cheapest suitable options from major providers:

ProviderPackage NamePrice (USD)DataSpeedNetflix Resolution
TelOnePremium60500GB5 Mbps720p
Liquid HomeInfinity99Unlimited75 Mbps1080p, some HDR
Liquid HomeInfinity LTE89Unlimited20 Mbps1080p, some HDR

TelOne’s package is sufficient for basic streaming, while Liquid Home’s offering allows for higher quality and potentially some HDR content.

Paying for Netflix with Ecocash VCN

Ecocash’s Virtual Card Number (VCN) service allows you to create a temporary card for online transactions. Here’s how to use it for Netflix:

Steps to Generate an Ecocash VCN

If you don’t already have an Ecocash Virtual Card Number (VCN), follow these steps to generate one:

  1. Dial *151# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select “Wallet Services”.
  3. Choose “Ecocash Debit Card”.
  4. Select “Ecocash MasterCard Virtual”.
  5. Confirm the request to generate a VCN.
  6. You will receive a VCN via SMS.

Cost of Generating a VCN

The cost of generating an Ecocash VCN is US$0.50. You can name it (e.g., “net1” for Netflix 1) to manage and block the card if you wish to stop payments. Once you have generated the VCN you can just enter the card number, expiry date and CVV in the provided fields during the Netflix sign-up process. To subscribe to Netflix:

  • Visit and select your plan
  • When prompted for payment, enter your VCN details
  • Complete the sign-up process

Netflix Subscription Costs with Ecocash VCN

Here’s a breakdown of the Netflix subscription costs, including Ecocash transaction fees:

Netflix PlanMonthly CostEcocash Transaction FeeTotal CostBenefitsDevices Supported
Mobile$2.99$0.30$3.29Fair video and sound qualityMobile phone, tablet
Basic$3.99$0.30$4.29Good video and sound qualityTV, computer, mobile phone, tablet
Standard$7.99$0.30$8.29Great video and sound quality, HD resolutionTV, computer, mobile phone, tablet
Premium$9.99$0.30$10.29Best video and sound quality, 4K resolutionTV, computer, mobile phone, tablet

Total Cost of Netflix with Internet Packages

Combining the cost of Netflix Standard package with different internet packages:

Package NameInternet CostNetflix CostTotal Monthly Cost
Infinity US$90$90$8.29$98.29
Infinity US$140$140$8.29$148.29
Infinity US$99$99$8.29$107.29
Home Plus$50$8.29$58.29


By following these steps, you can enjoy Netflix’s vast library of content while navigating the unique challenges of streaming in Zimbabwe. Remember, while pirated content might seem tempting, Netflix offers superior quality, and convenience, and supports the creators of the shows you love.