One of our readers went to shop at Gain Cash and Carry recently and were kind enough to provide us with a list of some of the prices

You would probably have noticed that we haven’t been updating our prices as we often do. This is due to two reasons:

  1. It’s very hard to do price surveys when we are supposed to be under lockdown and operating from within a 5km radius. Covid-19 is a really deadly disease and we therefore are following the government’s advice to practice social distancing.
  2. There are so many disparities in prices even among shops owned by the same chains. Prices now vary even among OK shops.

Gain Prices for certain Grocery items

Meanwhile :Surf 2kg $120.55
Maq 2kg $193.26
Mazoe Blackberry 2l $81.41
Mazoe Orange 2l $103.54
Fruitade juice 2l $64.03
Cornflakes 500g $103.04
Chimombe 1L $44.60
Cashel valley410g $43.17
Sunjam 500ml $35.19
Plain flour 2kg $75.65
Cake flour 2kg $81.49
Gloria s/r flour 2kg$78.28
Charhons 500g $34.14
Pfuko B/milk 500ml $16.91
Tingamira water 500ml $6.94
Lobels creams 150g $11.11
Red/seal rice 2kg $84.65
Soft drinks 300ml $10.72 R/s sugarbeans 500g $39.69
Salt case 1 kg $15.85
Zimgold 2L $238.79
Royco 75g $7.04
Everyday 400g $78.19
Rabroy salad 400ml $53.95
Softex tissue 4s $44.16
Tomato sauce 375ml $35.98
iris bisc 250g $18.69
pearlenta 10kg $229.82
stella tbags100’s $45.77
Tip top 750ml $14.30
revive drink 1L $26.72
Royal soya chunks 1kg $77.67

NB: All the above prices are in ZWL (RTGS)