Latest Liquor Prices Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Product Price per Unit in ZWL$ ZWL Price Price USD$ (Estimated)
Super 1.25 litres1.25L$279.99US$0.34
Scud 1.5 litres1.5L$244.99US$0.30
Black Label330ml $264.99US$0.32
Castle330ml $264.99US$0.32
Black Label500ml $384.99US$0.47
Sable500ml $349.99US$0.42
Castle375ml $254.99US$0.31
Bohlingers750ml $540.00US$0.65
Castle750ml $520.00US$0.63
Castle Lite750ml $564.00US$0.68
Eagle750ml $510.00US$0.62
Golden Pilsner750ml $570.00US$0.69
Lion750ml $520.00US$0.63
Sable750ml $510.00US$0.62
Hunter's 330ml330ml $499.99US$0.60
Amstel330ml $379.99US$0.46
Gold Blend Whiskey 750ml750ml $1 899.99US$2.30
Gold Blend Whiskey 200ml200ml $639.00US$0.77
Two Keys Whiskey 750 ml750ml $1 899.99US$2.30
Viceroy Brandy 5yrs 750ml750ml $3 699.00US$4.48
Chateau Brandy 750ml750ml $2 299.99US$2.78
Three Ships Whiskey 750ml750ml $5 119.00US$6.19
Royal Experience Brandy 750ml750ml $1 599.00US$1.93
Russian Bear Vodka 750ml750ml $3 199.99US$3.87
Nikolai Vodka 750ml750ml $2 119.99US$2.57
Gordon's London Dry Gin 750ml750ml $4 689.00US$5.67
Skipper's Cane Spirit 750ml750ml $888.99US$1.08
Breakers Cane Spirit 750ml750ml $739.99US$0.90
Jameson Irish Whiskey750ml $11 999.99US$14.52
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