Utande is a subdiary of Dandemutande. They offer Fibre, Wimax, LTE and VSAT services. Over the years the company has also absorbed other Internet Service Providers including:

  • YoAfrica and their Web Agency Webdev
  • iWayAfrica formerly MWeb Zimbabwe
  • Aptics

LTE Tariffs

PackagePricing (USD)/MonthSpeedsData
Supermax$99.005 MbpsUncapped
MegaMax$169.0010 MbpsUncapped
GigaMax$249.0015 MbpsUncapped

Utande’s Wimax Tariffs

PackageZWL $Maximum SpeedData AllocationValidity
musheMax$1,657.001 MbpsUncapped1 Month
monthlyMax$2,650.002 MbpsUncapped1 Month
skyMax$4,969.003 MbpsUncapped1 Month
  • You will need your own compatible Wimax equipment. You should be able to easily find second hand equipment. However, note that ZOL Greenpacket modems are not compatible with Utande although other old ZOL modems are.
  • From experience there is zero difference between these packages when it comes to speed during the day. Utande suffers from congestion that will see you stuck at 1 Mbps no matter which package you choose.

Utande Fibre Packages

PackageZWL $Maximum SpeedData AllocationValidity
Biz L$9,275.0010 MbpsUncapped1 Month
Biz XL$14,244.0015 MbpsUncapped1 Month
Biz XXL$21,532.0020 MbpsUncapped1 Month
  • Utande’s Fibre coverage isn’t as wide as ZOL’s coverage
  • Utande’s packages offer consistant speeds, ZOL can be pretty aggressive when it comes to traffic shapping
  • Upload and Download Speeds are the same i.e. it’s 10 Mbps up and down for the L package

Utande’s VSAT packages

PackageUS $Maximum Speed
Data AllocationValidity Period
Classic Y10US$8116/3 Mbps10GB
40GB Bonus Time Data
1 Month
Classic Y20US$15716/3 Mbps20 GB
80 GB Bonus Time Data
1 Month
Classic Y30US$20216/3 Mbps30 GB
120 GB Bonus Time Data
1 Month
  • Unlike other operators Utande allows you to rent equipment from them instead of paying the entire installation fee
  • VSAT is expensive but useful in areas where there is no Fibre coverage. However, at these prices, you are better off getting 4G and using OneFi and Private WiFi Bundles wherever there is coverage
  • Bonus Time is when you use your internet connection between 00:00 and 06:00
  • VSAT connections also suffer from latency
  • However, they can be useful as a backup as they are not under the thumb of the government. Whenever there is an internet shutdown these connections remain up

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