Not so long ago we did a review of WhatsApp bundle prices and came to the conclusion that NetOne offered the most value. We also came to the same conclusion when we compared NetOne’s OneFusion to Telecel’s Megaboost. Well, that might be about to change as NetOne announced yesterday that they would be reviewing their data bundles tomorrow (19 October 2021).

If you are new to this whole thing just know that the word review is a euphemism for hike. In their notice, they say they are going to review bundle tariffs which cover a number of their offerings. They have SMS and Voice Bundles for example. and it’s not clear whether this is covered as well or it’s just data bundles.

Below is the notice from NetOne:


Review of Bundle Tariffs

Please be advised that we are reviewing our bundle tariffs with effect from 19 October 2021.

For more information, visit our social media platforms.

NetOne Zimbabwe