For a lot of Zimbabweans, WhatsApp is the internet and when it comes to WhatsApp most Zimbabweans often opt for WhatsApp bundles. This is because it’s often cheaper to buy WhatsApp bundles than to use ordinary data to go onto WhatsApp.

If you are in Zimbabwe you have three network options when it comes to WhatsApp bundles:

  • Econet WhatsApp bundles
  • Telecel WhatsApp bundles and
  • NetOne WhatsApp bundles

So which network offers the best bundles? Well, the answer is it depends.

BundleEconet WhatsApp bundlesTelecel WhatsApp bundlesNetOne WhatsApp bundles
Daily bundles65MB @ $55 ZWL40MB @ $60 ZWL50 MB @ $40 ZWL
Weekly bundles140MB @ $164 ZWL155MB @ $160 ZWL150MB @ $140 ZWL
Monthly400MB @ $445 ZWL500MB @ $450 ZWL750MB @ $450 ZWL

NetOne has the cheapest WhatsApp bundles across the board. They also have pretty decent 4G coverage although you might have to get in touch with their support if you are not getting 4G on your phone. It seems some old SIM cards require manual intervention from NetOne in order to work on their 4G network.

Cost is not everything

As already hinted cost is not everything. You also have to consider things like speed and network coverage. In our experience, both Econet and NetOne have very good coverage even in rural areas. Telecel however tends to only cover urban areas and has poor rural coverage.

You also need to consider other bundles

There are other bundles that allow you to go on WhatsApp too. These include the famous WiFi bundles from all networks. OneFi and Econet Private WiFi bundles are the most popular among these. You need to consider these bundles as well. There are also Megaboost and OneFusion bundles to consider as these allow you to get on WhatsApp as well.