The easiest and most hustle-free way to get internet access in Zimbabwe is still via mobile internet. All you need is a SIM card. In addition, to this one is always best served by buying a data bundle. Most bundles are for specific services with WhatsApp bundles leading the pack. NetOne and Telecel do have hybrid bundles that mix various services. These are namely OneFusion and MegaBoost bundles. They have been selling these for years.

So how do the two compare to each other? Here we look at the bundles as they stand in October of 2021. We are not just looking at prices but things like speed, coverage and what each bundle has to offer.

NetOne’s OneFusion bundle prices and what is on offer

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
OneFusion Lite$350– 15 Mins OnNet
– 5 Minutes OffNet
– 180MB Data
– 90MB WhatsApp
– 5 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Gold$550– 25 Mins Voice OnNet
– 10 Mins OffNet
– 400MB Data
– 160MB WhatsApp
– 25 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Premium$1100– 80 Mins Voice OnNet
– 60 Mins OffNet
– 5 Mins International Calls
– 1GB Data
– 360MB WhatsApp
– 30 SMS

Telecel’s Megaboost bundles

$1501556060MB40MB30MB30 days
$3003010100100MB100MB100MB30 Days
$5906020200200MB200MB200MB30 Days
$115015040350400MB400MB400MB30 Days

NetOne’s OneFusion wins!

From the above NetOne’s OneFusion is a clear winner. They offer more for less than what Telecel is charging. Not only that but if we factor in other considerations as well NetOne still wins. They have better 4G coverage although just like all other operators it’s mainly limited to towns and cities. They also offer better speeds.