Apparently there is a fake DStv gift card scam that is doing rounds via email. We have seen this scam ourselves but it seems the scam involves an email purporting to be from DStv. The scammers claim that DStv is offering a free gift card of some sort.

Multichoice Zimbabwe, the owners of the DStv brand in Zimbabwe, have distanced themselves from the email saying it is fake. The email comes form an address instead of the official Multichoice or DStv domain name. That alone should be a red flag but it seems Multichoice were concerned enough to issue a warning:

We strongly urge avoidance of this illegal offer and remind subscribers that genuine offers from MultiChoice come from recognised sources and can be verified through our national telecall centre and customer care centres.

We do not know the purpose of this scam but it could well be aimed at invading privacy or extorting money and is to be ignored and deleted.

Multichoice Zimbabwe public relations manager Liz Dziva

Does DStv offer gift cards?

We have never come across a genuine DStv gift card. The closest I can think of is the voucher they give in South Africa where, if you purchase a decoder, you get free installation. This offer comes in the form of a physical voucher which you will give to an accredited installer who will give it to Multichoice in exchange for payment.

In any case, all valid DStv offers are announced on their official social media pages as well. If you receive such an email you can quickly check these pages or write to their official email.