ZimpapersTelevision Network popularly known as ZTN recently reached a deal with the local Premier Soccer League (PSL) that will see ZTN being allowed to stream live PSL matches on their YouTube and Facebook channels. The deal also leaves room for ZTN to screen matches on some of their other social media platforms.

“We’re extremely proud to be establishing a partnership with one of the most exciting, innovative and dynamic media companies in Zimbabwe. ZTN has an outstanding track record of delivering top-quality programming. Our special relationship with ZTN began last year during the Castle Challenge Cup between Highlanders and FC Platinum at Barbourfields Stadium where we achieved a record viewing of 600 000 viewers across the board.”

PSL Chairman Farai Jere speaking about the deal

This is a win for both the PSL and ZTN

Despite being owned by Zimpapers which is turn owned by the State, ZTN has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to local news related streaming. They have consistently covered events of national interest in ways that ZTV, the national broadcaster, has simply failed to do. It also helps that they have embraced streaming and digital technology which has seen them provide better picture quality compared to their colleagues at ZTV.

A good number of Zimbabweans live in the diaspora and thus far have had no easy way to consume local content. This will allow such people and those who despise ZTV’s horrible picture quality and limited coverage to view matches wherever they are. For ZTN it means more eyeballs on their channels and for the PSL it means potentially more sponsors, interest and revenue.