The price of potatoes at Mbare Musika has risen these past weeks from an average of US9 per 15kg pocket to as high as US$18 per 15kg pocket we saw today as farmers make brisk business. The rise in prices is likely due to a number of factors including the fast approaching winter chill.

Potatoes are do not do well in winter as several parts of the country where they are farmed experience severe frost. Nyanga is an example, according to our sources in the remote Eastern town, frost can now be observed every morning especially when there are clear skies. Then there is the fact that summer has ended so most potatoes on the market is coming from storage and irrigation plantations.

We observed the following prices:

  • US$1 for 5 large potatoes
  • US$0,50 for 10 medium potatoes
  • US$3 per gallon of medium potatoes
  • US$9-US$12 for a 15kg pocket of medium potatoes
  • US$14-US$18 for 15kg pocket of large potatoes