As we all reel from the fact that the government had just agreed to civil servants in USD, later we learnt this was more nuanced that this, it’s time we get back to the real world. The world of daily price hikes and such. The day before yesterday NetOne promised that they were going to hike( they call it review for some reason) their data bundles starting today (18 June) and now they have. They have really reviewed those prices you best believe it.

They have reviewed them so much that OneFi bundles, their equivalent to Econet’s much loved Private WiFi bundles. OneFi bundles are pretty loved by NetOne customers too. For good reason. They allow you to access the internet at a much much cheaper cost than you would if you used out of bundle browsing- are there sane people who do that.

NameNew PriceOld PriceWhat you getValidity
One-Fi Plus$950$65025GB1 month
One-Fi Ultra$1750$125050GB1 month
One-Fi Extreme$2000$150080GB1 month

That is such a massive hike in prices we don’t even to do the need to the whole percentage thing to make you appreciate how big a hike this is. You know mention the fact that NetOne has hiked the prices of it’s bundles by as much as 46%. Because its what they did.

One reason for this hike is probably because even though OneFi bundles were cheaper than Econet Private WiFi Bundles there weren’t reeling in as much customers as they expected or wanted given the massive gulf between prices. So now NetOne’s bundles are much just about on par.