When we received a message from Econet saying there were going to hike the prices of their data and SMS bundles were feared the worst. Okay they didn’t say hike they just said they were going to review-and we all know what review means. Anyway the day of doom is upon us and it seems there was nothing to fear after all. Yes they have raised the prices of a few data bundles but there is nothing dramatic.

Here is what has changed:

Daily Social Media Bundle Changes

  • Instagram and Sasai daily 45MB remain unchanged at $9 ZWL
  • WhatsApp and Pinterest 45 MB bundles go up by a $1 to $12 ZWL
  • Facebook and Snapchat go up by a $1 to $12

Weekly Social Media Bundle Changes

  • WhatsApp 65MB bundle goes up by $4 to $17 ZWL
  • WhatsApp 140MB bundle went up by $5 from $30 and the same goes for the Facebook bundle
  • Instagram bundle remains unchanged at $25 ZWL (140MB)

Monthly Social Media Bundle Changes

  • WhatsApp monthly lite bundle of 240MB went up by $3 and is now $55
  • WhatsApp and Facebook 400MB bundles went up from $85 to $95
  • Instagram and Twitter remain unchanged at $65

Daily Bundles Changes

  • 80MB now $22 from $20
  • 150MB now $39 from $37
  • 250MB now $64 from $60
  • 600MB now $100 from $80
  • 1200MB now $150 from $130

Weekly bundle changes

60MB now $16 from $15
160MB now $42 from $33
250MB now $65 from $55
370MB now $80 from $72
700MB bundle is gone

Monthly bundle changes

700MB now $180 from $175
1400MB now $355 from $340
2500 MB and 3200MB gone

Private WiFi


Nobody cares about SMS so we didn’t bother to know what has changed there.