TelOne recently introduced free nighttime data to customers who use their VSAT platform. This free time data applies when you use the internet between 10 PM at night and 6 AM in the morning. Both home and business VSAT packages will get this free time data but for customers which is practically unlimited although speeds will be reduced once a customer exhausts their night time data allocation.

Homes and business that are outside Zimbabwe’s urban centres know too well the struggle they have to face when it comes to getting connected. They have two unpalatable options, having to make do with slow mobile internet or go with expensive VSAT internet. Well, the last option just got a little cheaper as in addition to uncapped VSAT packages, TelOne has now introduced night data packages.

For home customers:

  • Konnect Home 25 customers get free 150GB night data
  • Konnect Home 50 customers will get free 300GB night time data
  • Konnect 100GB customers will get free 300GB data

Again home customers will still be able to connect to the internet at night even after they have exhausted their data allocations but they will see reduced speeds.

For business customers night time data is as follows:

  • Konnect Business 50 customers will get 300GB of night time data
  • Konnect Business 100 customers will get 300GB of data
  • As part of Fair Usage Policy customers on Konnect Business Unlimited get 500GB of anytime data and 300GB of night time data.

Just like with home packages, business VSAT customers can stay connected online during the nighttime hours of 10 pm to 6 pm even if they have exhausted their night time data allowance. However, they will see reduced speeds.

The Business Unlimited comes with multiple SIP lines which will allow them to send and receive calls via their internet connections. Customers on other packages get a single SIP line.

TelOne now has the cheapest VSAT

This now means that TelOne has the cheapest VSAT internet compared to ZOL and Utande their main competitors. Utande does have night time bonus data but it’s nothing near what TelOne is offering which is practically unlimited data on every package at night even though speeds fall.

ZOL does have uncapped VSAT internet but their advertised speeds of 10 Mbps are less than half those of TelOne which promises 25 Mbps on its packages. ZOL’s uncapped packages are also more expensive at US$760 compared to TelOne whose first anytime unlimited package starts at US$350 although this one comes with a usage cap of 500GB anytime data.