All of Zimbabwe’s three network operators have now increased their out of bund browsing, voice and SMS tariffs following approval from POTRAZ. The new tariffs will come into effect on the penultimate day of this month-29 September 2021.

Starting this day tariffs for the three services will be as follows:

  • Voice tariffs will now stand at $0.16683 ZWL per second
  • Data will be billed at $1.58521 ZWL per MB
  • SMS will be billed at 2.05821 ZWL per SMS

This hike in tariffs was long overdue given how the black market rates have been spiking in recent weeks. It has been indeed a while since POTRAZ allowed mobile network operators to adjust their rates.

People still prefer bundles

One notable trend revealed by recent reports from POTRAZ is that fewer and fewer people are using their lines to make traditional calls. The bulk of people are instead switching to services like WhatsApp that are cheaper. For these people buy bundles which are again cheaper than the prices displayed here. So I imagine when most people hear of this latest hike they won’t be moved much. After all they still prefer bundles.