One of the things we here at do is keep tabs on the bundle prices from the various mobile network operators. The current lockdown has seen a rise in the number of people working from home and often that means you need internet be it for something as novel as a ZOOM conference or the usual mundane task of tending to your email chain. With schools closed a lot of students are also interested in elearning-again you need internet in today’s world.

For the majority of the people Mobile internet is their preferred way of getting online. Why? Well it’s cheap both in terms of the initial cost and the entry prices for bundles tend to be priced lower (although it’s very expensive for heavy users). All one needs to do is to create a hotspot on their smartphone and connect their laptop and they are good to go.

If you are a student then Funda is the cheapest bundle for you

There are number of factors that you need to consider when settling upon a bundle but when money is tight price is the most important factor. If you are a lecturer, tutor, teacher or student then there are several options:

  • Using normal bulk bundles such as OneFi, Telecel Home or Econet Private WiFi
  • Going for special eLearning bundles

Each has an advantages and disavantages:

  • Buying normal bulk data:
    • It’s quick for you to make the purchase all you need to do is dial a code
    • The biggest drawback is that they are a bit pricier
  • Elearning bundles:
    • Are much cheaper than normal bundles
    • The biggest disadvantage is that the process for buying the bundles is much more involved. You have to write an email to the mobile operator sometimes you are only allowed to use the school’s domain name.
    • If your school doesn’t have email or is a bit unknown tough luck

If you go for bundles choose Funda

If you do decided to go for eLearning bundles choose Telecel’s Funda. Those prices are unbeatable.

Bundle$ZWLData AllocationValidity PeriodFree Group Talk Minutes
Funda Lite$90.005GB30 days100
Funda Standard$170.0010GB30 days250
Funda Heavy$33020GB30 days500
Funda Heavy+$65040GB30 days1000

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