Established in 2010 WorldRemit has been growing in leaps and bounds. They started offering their remittance service to Zimbabwe in 2014 when they partnered with Ecocash. They then went on to partner with several other banks including FBC and Mukuru. This means that if someone or you sends money via WorldRemit, the recipient can collect their money from banks and any Mukuru agent including at Orange Booths.

WorldRemit is mostly about mobile money which means that the sender doesn’t have to visit some branch in order to send money. They can just send using their mobile phone after signing up. The recipient can then collect USD cash Zimbabwe

How easy is it to sign up for WorldRemit?

You can sign up by visiting their website. You will need a valid ID, proof of residence and address and sometimes a permit. Their KYC policy is not very different from those of banks. If you don’t have the right documents the limit can be very low. The maximum limit for sending money to Zimbabwe is US$2 000. This can be reviewed if you have the right documents.

How much does it cost to send money to Zimbabwe via WorldRemit?

According to our calculations, WorldRemit charges around 8% to send money to Zimbabwe. If you are in a country like the United Kingdom where the currency is different i.e. Pound Sterling you will also have to pay a currency conversion fee that changes from time to time.

Which countries allow me to send money to Zimbabwe via WorldRemit?

WorldRemit is popular with Zimbabweans in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. If you are in these countries we recommend that you use WorldRemit to send money as they have a strong presence. In addition, you can also send money via WorldRemit from the following countries:

Austria (not to be confused with Australia), Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic Denmark, Finland, Australia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong and a host of other countries. You can also send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe using WorldRemit however given their extensive signup requirements you are better off using Mukuru if you are in South Africa if you don’t have things like proof of residence.

WorldRemit, which charges 8% is slightly cheaper than Mukuru which charges 10% though. On the other hand, you can only get USD via WorldRemit while Mukuru allows you to send Rand as well.

Do WorldRemit branches open during lockdowns in Zimbabwe?

You can collect your money from Banks and Mukuru Agents. All of them open during lockdowns as they are essential services.

Can I send money from South Africa using WorldRemit?

Yes, you can send money via WorldRemit from South Africa although people tend to favour Mukuru and Cassava there. You can see the list of countries from which you can send money via WorldRemit from their website.

Where can I pick up money send via WorldRemit in Zimbabwe?

At CBZ, FBC and other bank branches. In addition, you can also just collect your money at Mukuru Orange booths as Mukuru and WorldRemit are partners.

How hard is it to collect your USD when money is sent via WorldRemit?

It is very easy and hassle free. You just show up at an agent, bank or Mukuru branch and it will take them minutes to hand you your money. Finding a collection point is easy given WorldRemit’s partnerships with banks and Mukuru.

Our review of WorldRemit in Zimbabwe

what we think of world remit in zimbabwe
worldremit money transfer to zimbabwe
It can be a bit hard to sign up for WorldRemit given their KYC requirements but if you do they are easily the best way to send money to Zimbabwe if you are residing in countries such as Australia, UK, South Africa and the United States. They are cheaper than Mukur and also allow you to collect your money via Mukuru. They however only allow you to collect USD and not Rand like Mukuru. If you make a mistake you can always change the recipient’s details later on. You can also pay online via Visa or MasterCard without the need to go to an agent or bank
How easy it is to sign up
How easy it is to collect USD
How easy it is to collect Rand
How easy it is to send money
How easy it is to find a collection point
How easy it is to change an order once money has been sent
How easy it is to pay for an order
Pros of using WorldRemit
They are relatively affordable and cheaper than Mukuru
They have a lot of collection points including Mukuru Orange booths and banks
You can create an order online once you have signed up
You can pay for your orders using Visa or MasterCard without the need to visit an agent of the bank
USD is readily available
cons of using worldremit
There are a lot of KYC requirements during the signup process
You can only send/receive USD and not Rands