According to our research and surveys, Mukuru is the most popular money transfer agent when it comes to sending money to Zimbabwe. Even though they are not the cheapest (see their fees below), they have the most collection outlets around Zimbabwe covering not only the big cities and banks branches but growth points and townships as well.

Their Mukuru Orange booths are also highly visible and have served them well. Even when you see queues these queues are quickly cleared. They also have the option for customers to collect Rands or USD. All the other services don’t offer Rands.

How much does Mukuru charge to send money to Zimbabwe?

Mukuru charges 10% to send money to Zimbabwe. They do have minimum charges though. The minimum amount of money you can send to Zimbabwe using Mukuru is the equivalent of US$20. For this, you will be charged the equivalent of US$2 depending on the country you are sending from.

Mukuru also allows you to send money domestically in Zimbabwe. If you are sending locally they charge you 7% and the minimum amount of money you can send is US$10.

What is the minimum amount of money you can send using Mukuru to Zimbabwe?

The minimum amount of money you can send to Zimbabwe is US$20 if you are sending from another country. When you are sending money locally the minimum you can send is US$10.

Which countries have Mukuru?

You can send money locally or to other countries using Mukuru from these countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Botswana
  • Zambia
  • Malawi

NB These are countries from which you can send money via Mukuru. See below for Mukuru destination countries.

Which countries can receive Mukuru transfers?

You can send money to a recipient in the following countries using Mukuru which means you can receive money using Mukuru if you live in one of these countries: Bangladesh, Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eswatini (Swaziland), Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

How to send money using Mukuru?

  • First you need to sign up.To sign up for Mukuru you can visit one of their local agents with a valid ID e.g. National ID, Passport of Driver’s licence. You can also register for Mukuru online by visiting their website If you are in South Africa you can register via WhatsApp add this number to your WhatsApp contact +27 860 018 555 and send a message that says hi and follow the prompts
  • Once you are registered you can create orders online by visiting or Using WhatsApp.

One thing we like about Mukuru is that except in Zimbabwe you don’t need to visit a Mukuru Agent to send money. You can create an order via WhatsApp and pay using any one of the following methods:

  • Online Visa or MasterCard- there is one stipulation if you opt to pay using your card it has to be in your name. If you pay using a card your oder is instantly and automatically processed. So it can take seconds to send money to Zimbabwe. We have tried it!
  • You can pay using instant EFT. When you do so the order is also instantly processed. Their EFT payments are powered by
  • You can manually do an EFT into their FNB account
  • You can pay at supermarkets like PEP
  • You can pay using Snap Scan
  • You can visit a Mukuru branch

Where can I collect money send to me via Mukuru in Zimbabwe?

As has been said Mukuru has the most collection points in Zimbabwe. They are in Harare and all the major cities as well at a lot of growth points. It doesn’t matter if you are in Binga or Wedza. You can see their collection points here. You can see all their collection points here.

What are the sending limits?

You can send up to US$10 000 to Zimbabwe. However, if you register for Mukuru using just your passport you have a sending limit of R25 000 per month. If you are sending within Zimbabwe you have a limit of US$1 000 per day.

I made mistake and send money to the wrong person can I change that?

Yes, you can correct an order or even change the recipient using either WhatsApp or online. Just select my orders to edit the order you want.

Does Mukuru open during lockdowns?

Yes, Mukuru is open during lockdowns. Given the importance of remittances to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans, the government has classified Mukuru and other money transfer agents as essential services. They are open during lockdowns and if you want to collect the money you can use your order number to get through checkpoints. Usually, that is not necessary though as it is almost certain that there is an Orange Booth, bank or agent in your area.

Our review of Mukuru Money Transfer

What we think of Mukuru money transfer
mukuru money transfer to zimbabwe
Mukuru is probably the easiest money transfer agent you can come across. I signed up via WhatsApp and my South African account was approved in less than 30 minutes. You don’t even have to visit a Mukuru branch to send money, you can just create an order online or using WhatsApp and pay via EFT or bank card. Their system also allows you to amend/correct an order even when you have sent it. Other services do not allow you to do this easily. They have the most number of collection points including banks and ubiquitous Orange Booths.
How easy is it to sign up
How easy it is to collect USD
How easy it is to collect Rand
How easy it is to find a collection point
How easy it is to send money
How easy it is to amend/change an order once money has been sent
How easy it is to pay for an order
PROS of using Mukuru
Signing up is very easy
You can sign up via WhatsApp
You can create an order using WhatsApp
There are multiple ways to pay including via EFT, Online Card, in supermarkets or at an Agent
They have so many collection points
Getting USD is very easy
They also allow you to collect Rands if you want
They only require an ID as part of their KYC
You can see active branches on their website based on recent activity
Cons of using Mukuru
They are not cheap. They charge 10%
They do not offer the best rates when USD is not your currency e.g. when sending money to Zimbabwe from South Africa you have to pay to convert money from Rand to USD
Due to their popularity, some booths/branches have long queues