Like all banks in Zimbabwe BancABC offers services to both “Nostro” and Local RTGS accounts. The word Nostro is not used in the traditional sense. Rather it refers to the fact that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and government pillaged the USD in people’s accounts and replaced it with RTGS i.e. electronic Zimbabwean dollars. Nostro accounts are just accounts with USD in them.



  • Prepaid Visa Charges
  • RTGS/Local Account Charges
  • Nostro Account Charges

What do you need to get BancABC’s Prepaid Visa?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • A Zimbabwean ID or either one of these as a way to prove your ID:
    • Driver’s licence or
    • Passport
  • At least US $10
    • $5 is for the card as card fee
    • $5 or more as the initial deposit

How long will it take for me to get your card?

Usually, you get your card instantly and the money you deposit minus the card fee will reflect instantly. However in the case of system failures it might take a few hours.

Why do I need a Visa card?

This Visa card can be used to make international payments via the Visa gateway.

  • Shop online and buy items online from websites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest,, eBay and so on
  • Subscribe to your movie, tv-series and music sites such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Music, Showmax
  • Pay DSTV cheaply without forking tens of US dollars for “commission” to agents.
  • Use your VISA card when travelling to pay for accommodation e.g. hotels, AirBnB.
  • Shop and pay for goods in foreign countries without the risk of carrying cash, I have used the card in most South African outlets
  • Give to your kids when they go off to universities and colleges in other countries ensure their money is safe. You can also load more money whenever they need it without the need to send them cash.
  • Pay for your online courses on sites such as Udemy and buy e-books on sites such as
Service Charge (USD)
Card Fee $5
Minimum Deposit $5
Monthly Fee $0.50
Transaction Fee -Online Payments 1% minimum $1
Transaction Fee- Swipe and Point of Sale Payments 1% minimum $1
Insufficient Funds/ Declined Fee $0.30
Maximum Withdrawal (ATM) $1 000 or equivalent
Withdrawal Fee $2.50
Withdrawal International 1.5% minimum $2.50
Card to Card transfer i.e. To another Prepaid BancABC Visa $1