Unlike banks in other countries that reward depositors with interest rates that will see their deposits grow, Zimbabwean commercial banks make their money by charging fees. Some banks also offer prepaid Visa/MasterCards and charge various card fees to customers who use them.

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Prepaid Visa And MasterCards

  • CABS MasterCard

  • CBZ Visa

  • Ecocash MasterCard

  • FBC MasterCard

  • Stanbic Visa

  • Steward Visa

Bank Charges

  • Agribank

  • CABS

  • CBZ

  • Ecobank

  • FBC

  • First Capital Bank

  • MyCash

  • NBS

  • Nedbank

  • POSB

  • Stanbic

  • Standard Chartered

  • Steward Bank

  • ZB Bank