After a mostly dry November and December, the rains are finally here. According to the Met department the wet spell the country is currently experiencing is going to last a little while longer. Good news for farmers but perhaps not so good news for the country’s electricity consumers.

ZESA has warned that in addition to the crippling 18 hours in darkness that we are currently enduring things could get worse due to predicted violent storms that are expected to strike in several parts of the country.

Violent storms will affect service delivery. The number of rain-induced faults and the time taken to restore service will be longer due to the high number of faults involved.

ZESA’s Fullard Gwasira speaking to the Herald

This means a lot of businesses and homes might have to turn even more to back up power which they now use more than mains supply. The news also comes during the week in which Zuva Petroleum effected a cooking gas price hike.