Zuva Petrolium has hiked the price of gas from $27 ZWL per kg to $33 ZWL per kg. As always no reason was given for the increase. Cooking gas is loosely regulated by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) which means that service stations are free to set their own price.

Zimbabweans have been living on stage two load shedding for months now and again no reason has been given as to why despite imports we are still living in darkness. This means that a lot of people rely on LP gas for their domestic cooking.

Fewer places where you can buy gas as most Total service stations have none

Total gas has never been popular with regular buyers owing to its antiquated selling model. You cannot buy your desired amount of gas instead pre-filled gas tanks are found at their stations and the customer is expected to pay the full price and exchange their empty container for the full one.

These days however gas is not something you are likely to find at Total service stations. Of the 7 Total stations we know we couldn’t find gas.