Earlier on we reported about how Miekles Hotel had been forced to run on backup power since the 11th of June. This had forced the hotel to offer its guests buckets of hot water for bathing as their geysers could not run on backup power. The hotel’s ordeal had set tongues wagging but now it seems the whole thing is over. The hotel has now informed guests that power to the 5-star hotel has been restored.

The blanket power cut experienced in the Harare CBD, from June 11 to 14, has now been rectified and all services in the Meikles Hotel are back to normal. We would like to thank our valued guests and staff for their co-operation and understanding during this challenging period.
Our appreciation also goes to the power authorities for working tirelessly to attend to the problem.

Warm regards,


A communique from Miekles to its guests

It seems the issue was resolved and was not just affecting Miekles Hotel but rather a lot of businesses in the CBD. It is also not clear what as exactly was the issue that took a couple of days for ZESA to fix but that is not unusual. What is unusual if for a fault in the capital’s CBD to take a couple of days to fix. Normally such faults take priority compared to residential faults.