Meikles Hotel has just informed the public and its guests that it has been running on generator power since the 11th of June to a ZESA fault. For its part, ZESA has been working flat out to restore power to the five-star hotel ever since that day. Unfortunately in the meantime, some electrical equipment such as geysers are not working and guests who want warm water for bathing are advised in the same communication by Meikles to ask for a buck of hot water.

Dear Guest,

Please be advised that the hotel has been operating on generator power since Saturday, June 11th, 2022, due to a fault that developed within the CBD. The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority is working around the clock to try to fix the problem.

Considering the above, the air conditioning in the rooms and public areas is not working, and there is no hot water. If you require hot water for bathing, please contact our housekeeping department on extension 82, and a bucket will be delivered to you.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you,

Tinashe Munjoma General Manager

The notice by Miekles

Zimbabweans always find a way

While a number of people have been mocking the hotel and the country’s economy we can also learn about the resilience of Zimbabwean businesses in the face of turmoil, hardships and general pain. Any other hotel would have shut its doors and waited for power but in this country, if you shut your doors at the first sign of trouble you will remain closed forever. That is because there is always some trouble you have to deal with. Instead Meikles Hotel, just like many Zimbabwean businesses has soldiered on and even provided some much-needed hot water in the cold weather we are experiencing.