Now that you know what farmers and retailers are charging this week at Mbare Musika you are now probably wondering? Should I go and buy my fruit and vegetables from Mbare or should I just buy from my local supermarket?

That is quite the question and to help you decide we surveyed the big four supermarkets in the CBD. Here are the prices:

What supermarkets in Harare, Zimbabwe are charging for fruit and vegetables this week?

ItemOKFood WorldChoppiesPick N Pay
Cabbage 1/21.902.002.39
Oyster Kaylite4.505.67
Carrots Kaylite5.785.354.104.99
Okra Kaylite4.506.73
Onion Kaylite11.71
Apple's kg20.4119.0613.99
Bananas kg4.503.464.69
Potatoes kg5.854.623.497.79
Onion Kg16.8019.1713.4918.39
Butternut kg6.004.053.30
Tomatoes kg5.856.384.45
Cucumbers kg5.403
Naartjies kg10.8811.99
Pineapple each7.8012.99
Lettuce head3.002.39
Cauliflower pint/Kaylite/300g5.973.586.89
Beans Green ptn/300g4.504.794.39
Peppers Pnt/250g 3 peppers5.754.436.49
Pumpkins kg3.836.29
Veggies bumdle1.801.49
Squash kg8.698.39
Mushroom button pnt18.1815.10
Lemons kg6.24
Cabbage head4.203.78
Onions Red kg19.17
Potatoes Pocket44.99
Strawberries Kaylite18.75
Grapes Kaylite65.5534.95
Raisins Dried kg90.75
Dates kg7.59
Mhunga meal kg1.80
Manhuchu 100G1.43
Zviyo meal 100g1.80
Beans 100G2.85
Plain nuts 100G2.25
MuMhare 100G1.38
  • If there is not price it means we couldn’t find the item on the relevant supermarket’s shelf. Yes, we couldn’t find tomatoes at Pick N Pay Joina City!
  • All prices are in RTGS as opposed to Mbare Musika prices which are in bond.