What are the prices for fruits and vegetables at Mbare Musika Today?

Retail Market Prices

Item$ (Bond)
Broccoli kg6.00
Greenbeans 4l15.00
Tomatoes small box9.00
Tomatoes medium box12.00
Tomatoes Big box20.00
Cabbage head2.00
Cucumber each1.00
King Onion Each1.00
Red Onion Kaylite5.00
Eggplant Kaylite3.00
Carrots Kaylite2.00
Garlic kaylite2.00
Ginger Kaylite2.00
Okra 4litre tin10.00
Mushroom Button kaylite7.00
Mushroom Oyester Kaylite2.50
Mushroom kaylite dried4.00
Butternut 8kg20.00
Strawberries Kaylite2.00
Pineapple 9kg45.00
Bananas large plastic crate50.00
Oranges 10kg24.00
Apple's eacg1.00
Apple's 9kg Box45.00
Sweet Potatoes 4l8.00
Sweet Potatoes Red 5l10.00
Sweet Potatoes White12.00
Potatoes Pocket32.00
Potatoes 5l8.50
Popcorn 5l20.00
Masau cup1.00
Madora cup5.00
Madora 5l50.00
Roundnuts (Nyimo) cup3.00
Roundnuts (Nyimo) 5l45.00
Groundnuts cup3.00
Groundnuts 5l45.00

Wholesale market prices

Item$ (Bond)
Beans cup5
Beans 5l33
Tomatoes dish8
Tomatoes small box7
Tomatoes medium box11
Tomatoes Big box18
Broccoli head1.50
Cauliflower head3
Green beans 5l10
Carrots 201
Carrots bunch3
Carrots bunch6
Rape bundle5
Covo bundle6
Onion each1
Oranges pocket22
Sweet potatoes 25l35
Green peppers each0.25
Chillies cup3

NB: All prices are in bond i.e. bond notes and coins. While farmers will accept Ecocash if you negotiate you are better served if you have cash. ZIPIT is almost never accepted unless you are buying some large quantities indeed.

As promised in our introduction above are the lists of prices from Mbare Musika. The market is generally divided into two.

  • The retail market which is supposed to sell smaller quantities and is staffed by middlemen. It operates from around 7:30-17:00 hours. You can get really bulk quantities from them too. Usually, items are packaged into defined quantities which are sold at fixed prices.
  • The wholesale market which has farmers selling their wares. It’s supposed to be aimed at bulk buyers as the name suggest but you can buy any quantity really. You can even buy a single onion if you are so inclined. It operates from around 6:00-11:30 hours
  • We know groundnuts are not a fruit or vegetable but they are sold at Mbare so we just included the prices there as well.

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