TelOne has just announced that they have increased their broadband tariff prices starting today (14 March). The last time this happened was back in November but it has been a crazy two weeks on the forex market that has seen the rate climb to $42 ZWL per 1 USD.

Businesses, and it seems TelOne is one of them, have engaged their afterburners in a bid to catch up with the black market rates. Below are the new tariffs:

Package NameData CapTariff (RTGS$)
Home Packages
Home Basic10GB$262
Home Extra15GB$280
Home Basic Night20GB$331
Home Plus30GB$435
Home Plus Night60GB$559
Home Premier60GB$731
Home Premier Night120GB$942
Home Boost200GB$1050
Infinity Pro500GB$1548
SME Packages
Infinity SupremeUnlimited$2609
Intense ExtraUnlimited$3478
Blaze (LTE)
Blaze Lite8GB$242
Blaze Extra15GB$366
Blaze Boost20GB$456
Blaze Ultra40GB$736
Blaze Trailblazer100GB$1107
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited$2181
Public WiFi