Last week TelOne announced that the prices of their broadband packages were going up. Well, the prices of their related hardware is also going up effective tomorrow (04 November 2019).

Below are the new prices for stated pieces of hardware:

ItemPrice ZWL$
ADSL Modem1 000.00
FTTH Modem2 200.00
Wireless Router1 100.00
Ka Band Kit21 000.00
Cordless Handset900.00
Telephone Handset400.00

This is expensive!

Those prices are ridiculous, to say the least, and we are not saying this because people earn less. We are simply saying you can get better prices elsewhere even if you buy your USD from the black market. ADSL modems will cost you around $25-$30 USD and yet TelOne is asking for at least $50 USD at black market rates and much more if we use the interbank rate.