Telecel silently reviewed their bundle prices upwards this week. At least that’s how mobile network operators like to phrase it. Constant price increases are no longer that surprising anymore, NetOne increased their tariffs this week.

Telecel New daily data bundle prices

Data (MB)Cost ZWL $Validity Period
4021 day
13041 day
500101 day
1024151 day

Telecel New Weekly data bundle prices

Data (MB)Cost ZWL $Validity Period
3027 days
4037 days
8057 days
15087 days
250127 days

Telecel New WhatsApp bundle prices

Data (MB)Cost ZWL$Validity Period
301.501 day
703.501 day
1005.007 days
1608.007 days
20010.0030 days
30015.0030 days
40020.0030 days