CIMAS has sent out a communication to members informing them that starting from 1 November, the society will no longer be covering over the counter medicines as one of the benefits members are entitled to. It is not clear what constitutes over the counter medicine though.

Members Bulleting

9 October 2019

To all our valued members


As follow up to our communication dated 4th of October 2019, we would like to provide update to our members.

The current economic environment is characterised by escalating prices across the board. Healthcare costs are no exception, with drugs being the hardest hit as there are few to no local alternatives available. As we strive to walk with our members through these tought times, we also recognised theed to streamline costs in order to preserve the fund and ensure continuity.

To that end, with effect from the 1st of November 2019 over the counter drugs will no longer be paid for nor covered as a benefit.

We trust that you understand the circumstances under which the above decisions have been made and ask for your continued support.


M. Mushambadope

Managing Director

CIMAS’s letter to members

This letter follows another one written on the 4th of this month in which CIMAS made it clear they were going to be suspending all overdue accounts more religiously than before.