It has not been a good week for Nyaradzo Funeral Group as the business has come under heavy criticism and scrutiny over some of its pricing decisions and policies. One user recently questioned the group’s pricing where they charge about US$20 per person per month for years even though an average funeral costs just about US$500. Nyaradzo’s CEO has responded to this criticism by claiming that an average funeral actually costs about US$10 000 without offering a breakdown showing how he arrived at this figure. Companies like Ecosure provide packages that pay out US$1 000 for some funerals and these go well which puts Nyaradzo’s estimations into question.

It seems the statements issued by Nyaradzo and its CEO still have not yet satisfied a lot of people. For example, the CEO said that they have maturing plans without providing information on how these work. He then went on to issue very strange actuarial estimates that again failed to hit the mark with a lot of people. In countries like South Africa cash back plans are the order of the day and due to competition assurance companies are sometimes forgiving when policyholders fail to pay their premiums only for a couple of months after being faithful for years.

For her part, the woman who started the debate is still very much unimpressed by Nyaradzo’s statements:

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Instead of answering the questions, Nyaradzo Group put an arrogant and pompous response. It would have been wise for Nyaradzo Group to answer the questions raised i.e cashbacks, policy maturity & that 3-months lapse issue. Address those than saying its untrue. What’s untrue?

Nyaradzo Group statement is empty. It did not address the problem or the absurd claims that they’re refusing to bury people who have defaulted premiums for 3months.

They simply said it is not true. What’s not true; Is Nyaradzo burying people who have not paid their premiums for 3-months?