It all started with a Tweet by a user calling themselves Alistar Chibanda and it ended with Nyaradzo trending across social media for the wrong reasons. The user used some quick math as a way of “proving” that Nyaradzo was ripping off their clients when it comes to the instalments they are charging each month. In the end, she claimed, Nyaradzo was making thousands of dollars from each client in return for performing a US$500 burial. Needless to say, Nyaradzo were not pleased with the suggestion that they are somehow cheating their clients

So here is what Alistar said:

Nyaradzo Funerl cove monthly premium is ZWL$12 771.16=US$20.57

Buy USD Airtime

Per year: US20.57×12=US246.84

Per 30 years: US$246.84×30= US$7 405.20

If you died: coffin US$300, fuel US$500

Nyaradzo will use US$800 to bury you but iwe wakavapa [but you them] US$7 400 zvoerava kuti wabirwa US$6 600 cash!

Usakabhadhara [If you dont pay] subs for 3 months and then wofa[you die], zvatovharana havakuvige [ they will not bury you]

Am not sayying don’t stop paying Nyaradzo. Some are omfortable nazvo [with it] so continue. But chandoziva ini hakuna munhu akafa akasavigwa, policy or no policy unovigwa chete.[All I know is everyone gets buried in the end whether they have no policy or not]. Burial society iri nane pane policy! {Burial societies are better than funeral policies!]

What Alistar said

What she said found a lot of resonance among many social media users. Lately, a lot of Zimbabweans have been feeling cheated by insurance companies who take premiums but fail to deliver. The most recent one was PSMI which is now demanding additional payment from policyholders even at their own clinics despite bilking their clients. It doesn’t end there, you have Doves which buried an empty coffin in a bid to cheat a client and pension funds that do a switcheroo in the end and try to pay peanuts to pensioners who have made contributions all their lives.

Nyaradzo however took exception with the direction in which the conversation was going. This is what they had to say: