Liquid Home prices are going to go up tomorrow. This was revealed by the company’s email to customers informing them about the impending price increase. To be honest not many of them would be surprised. It has been aeons since Liquid Home adjusted their prices and with the rate and inflation movements over the past couple of months, data had just become too cheap to the extent that the viability of companies like Liquid Home and TelOne was under threat. Liquid Home users would also have been anticipating the price increase given the fact that TelOne announced their price adjustments over the weekend.

This email serves to notify you of a price adjustment on our products and services effective 14 July 2022 in accordance with Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe approval. This price adjustment is consistent with Liquid Home Zimbabwe’s continued efforts to offer reliable service.

…Please be advised that all Unlimited subscriptions will be billed at the new price starting on the 14th of July 2022 and any prepayments must be made against an invoice for the prepayment period. Customers on unlimited subscriptions with outstanding invoices will be billed based on new prices.

The email sent by Liquid Home to it’s customers

Acceptable price adjustment

Thankfully the adjustments seem all rather reasonable even if they would appear steep percentage-wise. The prices went up by about 50+% for most of the packages. That sounds steep until you consider how far inflation has come up during the same period. We now have triple-digit inflation and the rate, the quick indicator of how well the economy is doing has spiralled to over $700 ZWL per 1 USD compared to the roughly 250 ZWL that it was back when the last price adjustment was made by Liquid Home. You can view the current Liquid Home prices by clicking the button below.