One of the reasons why internet speeds had become lacklustre over the past couple of weeks was that thanks to spikes in the ZWL: USD rate, Zimbabwean internet had become too cheap. TelOne’s 10GB entry package was now going for a meagre US$2.63 instead of the usual US$5 or even US$7. You can also get unlimited internet from TelOne for a mere US$35. Given the costs that ISPs incur to maintain their networks that was unsustainable. That is going to change this week as first TelOne hikes its bundle prices on the 11th with other internet service providers set to follow.

As often happens when the government delays inevitable price increases the new prices will feel pretty steep given what customers had now been accustomed to paying.

  • Home Basic will now be about US$4.13
  • Unlimited ADSL will now be US$66