Earlier this week we published a list of the latest dog licence fees for Beitbridge which was in US dollars only. The City of Harare, perhaps inspired by the Beitbridge notice have now published their own licence fee list. Thankfully it’s in Zimbabwean dollars rather than US dollars.

The fees are as follows:

  • Those with a male dog are required to pay $1 250 ZWL per dog
  • Those with a spayed female dog are required to pay $940 ZWL per such femaile
  • If your femal is not spayed you will be required to pay $900 ZWL

You are also not allowed to have more than four dogs in your yard unless they are puppies that are younger than six months. Those with dogs violating them risk having them impounded and put to rest. Unlike in the Beitbridge notice, it doesn’t seem like shooting will be the method used to put the dogs to rest.