Beitbridge Municipality recently published their latest dog licence fees. What caught everyone’s eye is how the municipality used USD instead of ZWL prices. The national government has been telling everyone that the Zimbabwean dollar remains the primary currency of this country despite all evidence to the contrary. The exclusive usage of USD is further proof that dollarisation is accelerating. That’s if one needed more proof considering at least 50% of transactions in Zimbabwe are already conducted in USD.

Anyway back to the Beitbridge announcement residents are expected to pay the following fees for dogs that are 6 months and above.

  • Male US$13
  • Spayed female US$13
  • Unspayed Female US$15
  • Guard dogs US$20

If you fail to pay for the licence and are later caught you will pay a penalty of 100%. That means for example if you have an unspayed female dog you will be required to pay a total of US$15 plus a further US$15 in penalties to make it a total of US$30. The council has also threatened to shoot all stray dogs and enforce compliance.

Below is a screenshot of the notice: