With rising inflation, the Nyaradzo group has announced that their clients will have to fork out more starting 1 October. Those who pay using automatic deductions (e.g. Direct Debit) are being advised to make adjustments to their payment arrangements in the month of September.

The new prices will see:

  • Groups and burial societies paying a minimum of $34.80 ZWL from a previous premium of $20.88 ZWL for the silver standard
  • The government paying $38.70 for the same package
  • The popular sixpack plan will see business paying $99.84 for the entry-level plan and over $450 for the platinum plus service level
  • Grocery allowances have also been increased

The reason given for the hike is the same as always for any type of business in the service sector. Inflation driven mainly by shifting exchange rates has driven the costs of doing business.

Nyaradzo has buses and hearses that need fuel. The cost of groceries has gone up which means that current allowances have become inadequate. The company has employees that need to be paid a sustainable wage.

Download the document with the new prices