As has already been said in our post on the new daily data bundles from Econet, the prices have gone up again. The same applies to the weekly data bundles. Expect to pay more.

So what are Econet’s New Weekly data bundle prices?

DataCost ZWLValidity
25MB$27 days
60MB$4.507 days
160MB$117 days
350MB$227 days
700MB$457 days

How do these compare with the old prices?

DataCost ZWLValidity
25MB$1.357 days
60MB$37 days
160MB$7.507 days
350MB$157 days
700MB$307 days
  • All prices have gone up by around 50% or more
  • Unlike the daily bundles where Econet reduced the data allocation and played around with some of the packages, these packages are still intact